Training program for madrichim

12On April 25- 30th, Ezra was hosted at the 4-day intensive Taglit Birthright Israel leadership training program for madrichim in Jerusalem. The focus of the seminar was, first and foremost, to train and prepare the young leaders to take student groups on Birthright Israel trips this summer, as well as strengthen their Jewish roots, and bonds to modern Israeli culture. The seminar was generously supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group and Taglit Birthright Israel.

The seminar was specially designed for Russian speaking individuals from the former Soviet Union and represented four major organizations - Ezra, Hillel, Nativ, and JAFI. EZRA uniquely included together madrichim from all over the globe: Germany, North America, Israel, and FSU. The educational training was provided by the Institute of Informal Education4 headed by Dr. Dima Zicer. 3For the madrichim from Ezra, this seminar was more than just about training of a madrich, but also offered a wonderful opportunity to connect and make friendships with young leaders from other organizations. Participants were able to share experiences and goals and to grow in the process. Most importantly, madrichim from Ezra had a full week to practice working together with one another and learn to operate as individuals within a team to achieve a common goal. Additionally, madrichim from Ezra met with leaders from the Ezra organization and tour guides who offered advice and answers to some important questions, and all worked together to design and improve the Birthright itineraries for the upcoming summer season. Ezra madrichim came back with new knowledge, experiences, friendships and a deeper connection to Ezra - realizing that collaboration and friendships are possible even across the Atlantic.

Taglit Mega Event

21An unbielivable «Taglit» event for participants from all over the world was held at Binyaney Hauma the main concert hall of the jewish capital. Every single time it surprises the audience with incredible atmosphere of Jewish unity and love to the State of Israel. 250 participants of Ezra Taglit from the US and FSU were honored to be part of anniversary show of «Taglit Mega Event». There they saw a speech of Israel minister of finance Yuval Shtainetz, philontropists and main «Taglit» sponsors and donors and heard songs about Israel by special «Taglit» band. Famous israeli singer Haarel Skaat surprised the audience with singing «Atikva», Israel national anthem. The 10th Anniversary of «Taglit» was celebrated with a cake and fireshow at the end of the evening!

Ezra USA Reunion at Limmud

ll2Limmud FSU brings together and empowers young Russian Jewish adults who are revitalizing Jewish communities and culture in the countries of the Former Soviet Union, as well as in countries with Russian speakers around the world and you can’t find a better place to gather with your friends for a Reunion. That is exactly what Ezra USA did. Ezra participants spent the day attending sessions with community leaders, scholars and entertainers, as well as socializing. The evening ended with a very public “Thank You” to the great Madrichim of the summer of 2010.


A Smile For A Sunny Day

lMany may not have heard of a new project in our city "Give a child a smile". Founders of the project: the Russian youth movement Ezra USA, and its always on the move general director David Roitman.
I am making this reportage from the office of this project in the "Ezra USA" building, which operates with support from the American Forum of Russian Jewry at 311 Sea Breeze Avenue in Brooklyn (commit this address to memory, I'll be glad if it proves useful). I derived much satisfaction from my conversation with Anna and Amanda, the two charming young ladies who manage and run the project, its volunteers. Anna and Amanda told me all about how this project came into being, and now it is up to me to inform my readers.

Apart from Ezra USA, the project is supported by another organization, called Larger Than Life (LTL). I can already tell you, that it was this organization, which helped making the contact with Israeli children's cancer hospitals.
So, it all started when the two inseparable friends Anne and Amanda decided to spend their leisure time on something useful and meaningful. Anne's attention was caught by the lot of children with cancer, whose numbers, unfortunately, are growing worldwide.