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Ezra USA has been providing the Russian speaking Jewish youth with the opportunity to visit Israel for over a decade. The organization has been dedicated to helping youth connect to their roots and retain their culture through a variety of m2community activities and outreach events. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the Russian speaking Jewish community, and most are not connected to Jewish life. One of the common threads that tie the Russian Jewish community is being passionate about sports. Dmitriy Salita is a role model and hero for his generation. He is admired for his athletic achievements as well as his religious commitments. With Dmitriy’s help, Ezra is proud to introduce Dmitriy Salita Youth Center.

Dmitriy Salita is a Ukrainian born boxer from Brooklyn, New York. Dmitriy and his family immigrated to United States in 1991. After he moved to Brooklyn, he was exposed to Orthodox Judaism and became observant. He also joined the Starrett City Boxing Club. Dmitriy won the Golden Gloves, Sugar Ray Robinson award, and the U.S. Nationals as an amateur. As a professional boxer in the Junior Welterweight division, Dmitriy moved up in ranks winning 30 straight professional fights. He won the WBA and IBF international title, and was ranked number one in the world. Dmitriy’s athletic achievements are matched by his religious dedication. A pioneer in the world of boxing, Dmitriy has never fought on the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays. He remarkably climbed the professional ranks as an Orthodox Jew.

The opening of the Dmitriy Salita Youth Center will be a break through project in the Russian speaking Jewish community. Battling assimilation and complacency toward Jewish life and culture, the goal of this center is to provide fun programs and activities conducive to solving these issues. The youth center will have programs involving Jewish education, sports, and culture. It will also serve as a second home, a place to “hang out” and build friendships.

The Dmitriy Salita Youth Center has the support of many Jewish leaders, including Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman and his party, as well as Nathan Sharanskiy, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel. Both view the center as a great tool for Jewish education. We welcome you to be a partner in this Life changing project.

Top Israeli politicians in New York for grand opening of center for young Russian Jews
New York – May 18 Brooklyn's young Russian Jews are getting their own youth center. On Sunday, June 6th, Ezra USA is holding a celebratory opening for its Dmitriy Salita Youth Center in Brighton Beach. Guests of honor include Israel's Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, his deputy Danny Ayalon, and Member of Knesset Faina Kirshenbaum.
The Salita Center represents the tremendous success Ezra USA has had in creating a community of Russian speaking young Jews in America, who proudly identify as Jews and are reconnecting to their heritage.
Ezra USA focuses on leadership training to create a generation of young Russian Jews who take responsibility for their community's direction and values. The Salita Center will be the hub of cultural and social events run by Ezra leaders.
Ezra USA has had record success in creating a vibrant community of young Russian Jews. With its peer-led programming, Birthright tours to Israel, communal Shabbat meals, charity events, lectures, and parties, Ezra USA is a buzzing organization that has succeeded in making Judaism cool and its members proud to be part of it.
Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, his deputy Danny Ayalon and Member of Knesset Faina Kirshenbaum are flying to New York for the celebratory opening. Their political party, Yisrael Beiteinu, of which Faina Kirshenbaum is the secretary-general, has a special bond with Ezra USA. One of Ezra USA's goals is to strengthen its members' connection to Israel. For Ezra USA members, Yisrael Beiteinu, with its strong Russian support base, represents the important role Russian Jews play in Israel.
More importantly, this very senior Israeli delegation lets Ezra USA's members know that major Jewish leaders value them and want to foster a relationship with them.
The professional boxer, Dmitriy Salita sees Ezra USA as a vital organization for young Russian Jews and has dedicated much of his personal time and talent to its success. The Ukrainian-born Salita grew up in Brooklyn and is an observant Jew. He manages to combine his demanding career with an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle.
For more information please contact EZRA USA's director, David Roitman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-917-662- 4243






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We will match your charitable objectives with grant-making opportunities
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Ezra USA supporters

There is nothing more important to a person than the sense of identity and belonging. Luckily, Ezra USA, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to brining Jewish heritage and history to Russian Jews and to fostering a vibrant Jewish community. Through numerous local and international programs and outreach projects, Ezra creates close-knit ties to countless Jewish communities around the world.
Donations are our lifeline. Every dollar donated fuels Ezra’s ability to continue our mission to uphold the Jewish identity and to strengthen the community. Any amount helps. If you think that our work is worthy and our goals are noble, please donate today. We rely on your kindness.

Or send check to Ezra USA 311 Seabreeze Ave Brooklyn, NY 11224

Your donation is fully tax-deductible where permitted by law.





От улыбки хмурый день светлей!

English (A Smile For A Sunny Day)

Я веду репортаж из офиса проекта в здании молодежного центра «Эзра США», действующего при поддержке Американского форума русскоязычного еврейства по адресу 311 Sea Breeze Avenue в Бруклине (запомните этот адрес, буду рад, если он вам пригодится). Беседа с двумя чудными девушками, Аней Вахлер и Амандой Илкоми, руководителями и одновременно исполнителями проекта, его волонтерами, доставила мне искреннее удовольствие. Аня и Аманда поведали мне историю проекта, теперь моя задача — рассказать ее читателям

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2011Celebrate Israel Parade

Парад "Празднуем Израиль" на Пятой авеню в Манхэттене

Такого массового парада "Празднуем Израиль" на Пятой авеню в Манхэттене не было еще ни разу. По данным полиции, в параде приняли участие более 150 тысяч человек, а еще более 300 тысяч человек были зрителями. Иными словами, поддержать Еврейское государство и выразить солидарность с Израилем 5 мая 2011 года пришли почти полмиллиона ньюйоркцев, жителей других городов и штатов.

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May 9th

День Победы, День матери и День независимости Израиля

Нью-Йоркская ассоциация бывших узников гетто и концлагерей (президент - Павел Вишневецкий) достойно отпраздновала в ресторане «Националь» День Победы, День матери и День независимости Израиля. Можно было позавидовать оптимизму, жизнерадостности, бодрости партизан и людей, переживших ужасы Холокоста.

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Educational lecture & Cocktail Reception

Лидеры у Лидеров

Имена известных еврейских филантропов и общественных деятелей Джонатана и Дины Лидер хорошо известны русскоязычным иммигрантам. Они поддерживают многочисленные благотворительные проекты в нашей общине: синагоги и еврейские центры, йешивы и детские образовательные программы, группу семей жертв 11 сентября и другие.

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Post Parade Party

Диалог культур

5 июня 2011 года в Eврейском Kультурном центре, в Бруклине, в Нью-Йорке состоялось событие, которому можно вполне дать статус международного. Название его: «США, Азербайджан, Израиль – Народная дипломатия – путь к диалогу культур».

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Что нужно молодежи ? <<Эзра>> !

Организация Эзра - это молодежная организация занимающаяся еврейским образованием.

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Yom HaShoah - Remember and Never Forget

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Published May 11, 2011, issue of May 20, 2011.

For Surviving Soviet Veterans, Victory Day Is a Dying Celebration

By Paul Berger

Their gold and silver medals glinting in the late morning sun, David Rosenberg, Victor Levinson and Mikhail Rabkin stood among a small group of men on Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach Avenue, dressed in their finest clothes. On that day, May 9, across the former Soviet Union their comrades-in-arms were being feted as heroes in grandiose Victory Day parades.
In Brighton Beach they were heroes too, though on a much smaller scale. As they stood proudly, chatting in Russian about a war that ended 66 years ago and about more recent battles with age and ill health, women stopped to give them flowers, while men stepped forward to vigorously pump their hands. “Thank you for everything,” said one young man, who had doubled back after passing the group. “Be well!”

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Молодежная еврейская организация “Эзра”

Молодежная еврейская организация “Эзра” (Ezra USA) снова готовится чествовать ветеранов Второй мировой войны. В Нью-Йорке наступила та странная пора, когда зима уже закончилась, а до лета ещё довольно далеко. Многие, тем не менее, ловят себя на том, что начинают готовиться к новому сезону — возможно, надеясь таким образом ускорить его наступление. Для верующих евреев главное весеннее торжество, конечно, Песах.

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2011Celebrate Israel Parade

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Published July 14, 2010, issue of July 23, 2010.

A Brooklyn Boxer Humbled, Not Down for the Count

For Salita, the Real Fight Began When He Lost His First Bout

By Gal Beckerman

When he speaks about the future of his boxing career, Dmitriy Salita gets a look of pure intensity in his otherwise mournful brown eyes. All the greatest boxers have this stare, a perfect distillation of concentration and discipline and total faith in the strength of their own arms. But in Salita, it is also the look of a man convincing himself that there is a future for him in the sport. Seven months have passed since his humiliating loss in England to Amir Khan — the first defeat of his professional career — when he was knocked down three times in the first 76 seconds of the match. He has not faced another opponent in the ring since.

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Dmitri Salita Youth Center

By Ron Goldman

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lo Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dmitriy Salita, 28

Fighting for Jewish pride

Steve Lipman Staff Writer

Like most professional boxers, Dmitriy Salita spends hours each day training. Though he lost a junior welterweight championship fight last year, he is hoping for another title shot. Like some boxers, he spends hours each day studying. He’s a business major at Touro College. And unlike any, he spends time mentoring teenage Jewish boys at a New Jersey day school, planning and helping to lead a youth center that bears his name and establishing a foundation that will support a Jewish cause (Chabad of Flatbush) and a secular one (Starrett City Boxing Club).

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Dmitri Salita Youth Center

Ezra USA has been providing the Russian speaking Jewish youth with the opportunity to visit Israel for over a decade. The organization has been dedicated to helping youth connect to their roots and retain their culture through a variety of m2community activities and outreach events. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the Russian speaking Jewish community, and most are not connected to Jewish life

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jpost Monday, June 14, 2010 2 Tammuz, 5770

Salita packs a punch at White House reception

06/06/2010 05:27

Young Jewish boxing icon among Jewish greats at White House reception.Late last month President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama invited the crème de la crème of American Jews to the first ever celebration of Jewish Heritage Month at the White House. May was declared Jewish Heritage Month by President George W. Bush in 2006, but this is the first time the White House has held a reception to celebrate it.

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cool MONDAY, TAMMUZ 2 5770 - 14 JUNE 2010

Salita: Yuri Foreman Was Gutsy

In his first response to Yuri Foreman's defeat, fellow Orthodox Jewish boxer Dmitriy Salita told "He gave a gutsy performance."
Yuri Foreman gave "a gutsy performance" at the Motzoei Shabbos match, Dmitriy Salita said in a first response to the defeat of his friend, also an Orthodox Jewish boxer.
Salita spoke to at the inauguration of the Ezra USA Youth Center on Sea Breeze Avenue in Brooklyn's Brighton Beach, which was named after him.

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jpostWednesday, June 9, 2010 27 Sivan, 5770

With a little help from a friend...

06/07/2010 21:25

As the emergent political force following the 2009 Knesset elections, Israel Beiteinu has lofty goals. But as the third-largest party in the country continues to reach high, it also is keeping an eye down low – at the challenge of establishing grass roots in a party founded 11 years ago. It is perhaps with this in mind that the party recently backtracked – to the heady days of the pre-state era – to find itself a youth movement that could do for it what Betar does for the Likud, Habonim Dror for Labor and Bnei Akiva for the National Religious Party.Israel Beiteinu found Ezra, a movement better known here as the haredi national religious movement, but a movement of quite a different color in North America and the former Soviet Union.

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jpostThursday, May 27, 2010 14 Sivan, 5770

Bringing them back

05/26/2010 23:34

The parents of US Jews from the FSU worked hard so their children could have every advantage. But the failure has been to transform them into Jewish community members. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and I will soon be traveling to Brooklyn. Like all Israeli politicians, we have a responsibility to strengthen ties with the Diaspora. Israel Beiteinu, with its strong Russian-Israeli base, reaches out to Russian-speaking Jews around the world. So we’re off to Brighton Beach for the opening of the Ezra USA Dmitriy Salita Youth Center.

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Дмитрий Салита: «Нокаут в субботу, но только после захода солнца»

У боксера Дмитрия Салиты 30 побед и всего одно поражение. Еще в 2000 году он стал чемпионом Америки по боксу. Шесть раз выигрывал чемпионат штата Нью-Йорк среди юниоров. Затем стал победителем турнира «Золотые перчатки». История Дмитрия Салиты стала основой для сценария готовящегося к съемкам фильма «Нокаут», один из претендентов на главную роль в котором – известный рэппер Эминем

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фото и текст Ари Кагана

Дмитрий Салита , не привыкший к костюмам, долгим речам и официальным церемониям , легко обьяснил

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"Русские" американцы: Израиль должен брать пример с России


07.06.2010 18:16 Александр Коган

Замминистра иностранных дел Дани Аялон и генсек партии "Наш дом Израиль" Фаина Киршенбаум встретились с "русско-еврейской" Америкой. Американцы хотят слушать израильское радио на русском языке, чтобы отстаивать Израиль в информационных войнах.

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Центр Дмитрия Салиты

На многих мерориятиях Нью-Йерка еврейской общины слышу один и тот же вопрос "Где наша молодежь ?"

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